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The Back Log...

Tuesday evening was the eye of the storm. After feeling better over the weekend, I was dismayed to be hurting more on Monday. So I made another chiro appointment for Wednesday. The pain level had been wandering from "discomfort" to "significant" all afternoon, and I hoped some horizontal time would help. So I spent a while on the couch (I got the first season of CSI on DVD from the library for encouragement). When I got up, I didn't hurt.

I'd like to say there was no pain at all, but that wouldn't be true. It was, however, a tiny whisper of ache, more like feeling stiff after a long period of inactivity. I was pleased, but not overly optimistic. Have you ever had a friend who loves to jump out and scare you until one day he says he won't do it any more, but you still open doors and go around corners cautiously, expecting that he hasn't really quit and is trying to lull you into a false sense of security? It was like that. Even though I felt better, I still kept the "move slowly and carefully" protocols, just in case.

Much of my back problems are due to a disk that has just a little too much leeway to shift around. So this sort of remission can happen; Mr. Disk had settled briefly back into a place where he wasn't putting pressure on any nerves. The surrounding area was still tense and irritated, but I got to enjoy an intermission. I found it very encouraging.

Wednesday did mark the return of the discomforts, but the adjustment helped. I wasn't quite up for an hour in a folding chair Thursday night, but things are getting better and better. I think I'll soon be at the crossover point where activity is better than inactivity, and I can start gentle exercising and stretching again. I'm toying with tracking my progress here on LJ, because it's always fascinating for people to read about my progress and what I had for breakfast.

When one is in pain, it's hard to think about much else. I'm happy to be at the point where I can devote my attention to other things than all the nuances of how and where my back hurts. Of course, the current backlog involves some of my less-favorite activities, like laundry, washing dishes and other housework. Just no pleasing some people.... ;-)

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