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I'm working on writing up my Conference Experience, but until that's ready, here's a few notes about other stuff:

I think I've made a decision. I'd been planning on writing a "Cozy" mystery for NaNo this November. The last two years I've taken an idea and a few notes and powered my way through a first draft, mostly making it up as I went along. This year, I want to do a lot of preparation, so I have characters defined and the story mapped down to individual scenes. I'm choosing to do it this way partly because I want to learn to develop a novel through a structured methodology (I'm still a systems analyst at heart), and partly because I want a finished product that's marketable. That's why I was thinking cozy; they're a good niche market. But somewhere during the conference I realized that I wasn't choosing that genre because that's what I wanted to write. What I really want to write is humorous fantasy novels. There; I've said it and I'm glad!

It's no secret that I love Terry Pratchett's books. It may be challenging not to be derivative of his work, and I'm sure comparison will be inevitable. He's got a few dozen books lead on me, but I know better than to be intimidated by another person's success. I'd be satisfied if Pratchett fans merely read my works to help them get through those long months between Discworld releases. Yes, humor is difficult and I haven't felt brave enough to tackle a novel-length humorous project yet, but I think now's the time.

Had a wonderful Bubble Tea visit with sanguinity and grrlpup last evening. I made sanguinty blush! It's rather gratifying. (No, I won't tell you what was said.) We also talked about all sorts of important stuff, like writing, running, and proper sequence for painting porch steps. Nice, nice, very nice....

And my back still hurts; seems sitting in stackable hotel chairs for three days isn't theraputic. Have an appointment with the chiropractor tomorrow. Also made a bet with sanguinity to inspire me to take better care of my back, because (as I pointed out in an email message), the fear of intense physical pain apparently isn't enough to motivate me.

So, go get regular exercise! And backup your data! (If you don't think that's important, ask kr8vkat.)
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