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I Want My Money Back!

Today wasn't the worst day of my life. It was definitely NOT the day I signed up for, however, and I'd like a refund. I'm not sure what bureaucracy handles that, though....

Things began as expected; after breakfast I gathered my tools and went to BA's house to help her put the roof on her shed. My back had been bothering me a bit for the last week or so, enough that I went to the chiropractor on Friday. It seemed okay. But as I was leaning over to cut some lumber, I felt it spasm, like a plucked bass string. It wasn't terribly painful then, but I've experienced this before, and it's a bad sign. Even though we were just barely started, I had to offer my regrets and head home.

At that point, I ached, but manageably so. I iced my back, but it started hurting worse and worse. Then fatigue hit; I was so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. Figuring my body knew what it needed, I went to bed. I slept until mid-afternoon. When I woke, I hurt. A lot. Still, a strong interest in using the bathroom prompted me to cautiously get out of bed. I had to cling to the door and the dresser for a minute while my lower back complained bitterly. I shuffled to the bathroom and had just started using it when another wave of pain hit.

I remember noting that the experience was uncomfortable, but not terribly painful (I've had a kidney stone; I know terrible pain). Perhaps I was distracted by the darkening of vision, rising white-noise sound and lightheadedness that came with it. "Don't pass out!" I thought, leaning on the wall and concentrating on breathing. I didn't. I made it to a chair just as I started sweating. It's hard to describe the clammy tingling sweats. Perhaps you've felt it, too.

I sat for several minutes, wondering what to do next. Aside from a soaking-wet shirt and lower-back pain, which had subsided now I was in a more stable position, I really wasn't in need of urgent care. Eventually I would require food and water, and I had no idea if attempts at ambulation would cause such an intense reaction again. I called drarwenchicken's cell phone. Left a rambling message. It helped to know that she lives less than two miles from here, even if she hadn't answered the phone.

Pain subsiding, I once again felt sleepy. I crashed, carefully, on the couch for a couple more hours. When I woke up, I felt better. Not recovered, but better. I had enough strength for a few phone calls, checking my email, and watching a DVD ("Full Frontal." Don't bother). Drarwenchicken called back, concerned that she hadn't heard the message for three hours (apparently I sounded distressed), but I assured her I wasn't in need of rescue.

I believe I've returned to the realm of "normal discomfort associated with lower-back issues," which is why I'm writing this. Not for pity (although I was impressed at the outpouring I received when I asked for it one time), but as a reminder to myself. Evan, see what happens when you don't engage in preventative care? Hurts, doesn't it?

I swear that just as soon as I'm able, I'll do my exercises and Pilates and stretches again, like every day! And I really, truly mean it this time!
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