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Friday Memeage!

Friday Five! Today's topic: Work.

1. What was your first job?

Probably the first thing I was every paid to do was dig a trench about 1' deep, 15' long for an elderly neighbor. The ground back in Dearing Park was mostly decomposed granite, so this wasn't particularly easy. I remember it as being two strenuous hours, and my first indication that I was not suited for manual labor.

I think the first actual job I had, as opposed to one-shot day labor, was dishwashing for the Church Camp Next Door (no, that's not its name, that's just what we called it, because that's what it was). It sucked. I'd get up early, they'd feed me breakfast and I'd start in on the dishes. Everything had to be washed by hand, and each meal probably took a couple hours of cleanup. I'd then go home and have only two hours before I had to go back for the next meal. My life was a cycle of sleep, eat and then wash dishes for a month. About the only thing good I can say about it was that I had access to pastries and desserts that my health-food conscious mother wouldn't supply, and they paid me.

2. How much did you make?

For the ditch-digging, a whopping $5. I'm tempted to say that the dishwashing gig was 15¢/hour, but it wasn't quite that Dickensian. Arizona has always considered Minimum Wage Laws to be a Crime Against Nature, so the rate was probably low even for the time. Maybe about $2.50 an hour?

3. Describe your least favorite co-worker of all time.

I've been quite fortunate at not having Co-workers From Hell. Sure, I've been around people who are comfortable with loudly clipping their nails in the next cubicle over, or singing tunelessly at random times, but they've generally been decent enough people. So my least-favorite co-worker isn't so bad, she was a woman who worked at a phone company with me. She's noteworthy for her amazingly long stretches of not actually producing any work, high rate of absenteeism, and myriad annoying habits, like loud phone calls with her sons where she repeatedly told them to stop misbehaving, to no apparent effect. I figured she was put on this earth to teach me patience and tolerance.

4. What is your dream job?

I write stuff, people pay me huge amounts of money to publish/produce it, and throngs of adoring (but polite and non-stalkerish) fans laugh and tell me how great it all is.

5. What do you currently do and do you like it?

See above. Yeah, I'm not exactly getting huge amounts of money yet, and my fan base is a small throng, but you know what they say happens when you do what you love. To support this, I'm working in a bookstore (which is kinda like a wannabe movie star cashiering at Blockbuster), and that's not bad. There are some annoying customers and the meth-head who comes in to read books and is twitchy and weird, but apparently harmless. But I have long stretches when nobody's in the store, and I can write LiveJournal memes like this one.

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