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Just a couple notes from Sunday (the groggy day-after-cake):

I hit a few garage sales, looking for action figures.* Didn't find much, but I did see something I just had to share. One sale was on the porch of a nice house in a SE Belmont neighborhood. A wholesome young couple and a small child, around two years old. I'm working my way down the porch, skimming past the boxes of bottles, baby clothes and infant toys. Then I find a box with leather wrist restraints.
And a black polyvinyl hood.
Then a riding crop.
And a black leather whip.

Not that I was shocked or anything, I was raised Unitarian. But I was imaging the scenario: One night the couple breaks out the toys for a bit of fun, nine months later a new life comes into the world, one to whom her parents don't want to explain what they were doing the night she was conceived. I hope they can still play during their child's formative years. Party on, suburban couple!

With that in mind, when I drove past the parking lot at 50th and Division, I had to stop when I saw a group of twenty-something women with a sign that read "Paddling club car wash." Not that I'm into that, but I'm open minded, and if they wanted to raise money for that sort of activity, I'd cheerfully help out.

Well, it turned out they paddle dragon boats, in a club called the "Amazon Dragons." Still, I got my car washed and chatted with the women as they worked. One of them expressed interest in my website, so I gave her a Dr. Eldritch card. We agreed that even if I should have been home writing this week's column, it was too beautiful a day to be inside at the computer.

And I did find a robot toy for a quarter, so it was a pretty good day.

*I've decided to do a photographic web comic, using action figures for the cast. For more information, watch dreldritch's journal.

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