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What A Day!

Today was so different from the unstructured half of the week. Instead of luxurious days writing and modifying my websites, I left the house early. First stop was the framery, where the helpful person, we'll call him Torg, cut the framing pieces for my artwork. Then, since there weren't any other customers, he put together one of them while I assembled the other, a service for which they normally $15. I think Torg felt badly about convincing me that the slightly reddish-toned frame material was better for "Hurtful Words," and only then discovering that they didn't have enough stock. And because it took him three tries to correctly measure and cut parts for "Incessant Yearning." So he was tremendously helpful, and also neatly wrapped the finished products in brown paper for delivery. So the next time you get something framed, ask for Torg.

Then it was off to Backspace! I found parking in NW in under fifteen minutes, which seemed an auspicious omen of good fortune. The actual delivery went quickly; I filled out their form and tucked my art in the storage space. I did note that not everyone was as careful with their work. Most of it was piled together like a second-hand store. I set mine where it was less likely to be used as a table. I hope.

Stopping only briefly to get lunch to go, I went to the bookstore. Today's shift was half of my work week, and it was a busy one. There were orders to process, several people came in with books to sell, and some people actually bought books! At the end of the day, sanguinity and grrlpup came by to offer a selection of hats for the Cake Contest. I never thought of myself as someone who could wear a fez, but I made the red one with a bright gold tassel work, if I say so myself. Still, I had to go with the purple-and-teal plaid deerstalker. It seemed perfect to judge cakes in.

I then drove out to 82nd to meet up with countsmurfula. I won one of his eBay auctions for a bunch of action figures from the Van Helsing movie. No, I wasn't just randomly bidding on eBay again, these are for a Special Project: I want to do a photo-webcomic of Dr. Eldritch! Wouldn't that be just too cool! Well, I think so. You may be wondering why I'm taking on such a large, time-consuming effort when I'm not even keeping up with my web column, short stories and screenwriting projects, and I do have an excellent answer to that. Unfortunately, it's really late right now, and I'm terribly sleepy. So I'll have to tell you later.

A webcomic really would be cool, though. With pixies....

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