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A Day In The Life...

A lot of you have been asking "So, what happens in the exciting life of a bookstore employee?" Well, actually, nobody's asked that. But in case you were considering chucking your current employment for the glamorous field of bibiocommerce, here's what I did today:

1. Tried to shelve eight books in the Metaphysics section, where there is no available room. Muttered under my breath. Invented the "Overstock" section on the top of the bookshelf.

2. Fielded two phone calls. One was about book repair, which we don't do, and the other was an annoyed customer who ordered a book with expedited shipping, and it went via Media Mail. So I also did my first credit card refund. In case you're wondering, it was the New Guy who slipped up, not me. Still, I sent the customer a very apologetic email.

3. Helped all the customers that came in today. Two of them were just looking. The other bought a western from the $1.00 box.

4. Received the 50# postage scale we bought on eBay! That was the most exciting event of the day; I set it up and weighed a few things. Now I can take my own postage scale home.

You might be thinking that the combined time for these activities doesn't add up to seven hours of work, and you'd be right. The rest of the time was devoted to looking up the rarity and value of over 200 "Magic: The Gathering" trading cards. You know how sometimes people discover that they have a thick stack of trading cards and one amazing card within that stack is fabulously valuable? This was not one of those times. One of our cards might be worth $7.00, but the rest were in the 15¢ - $2.00 range.

Usually I would process orders for shipping, but we got none that I could do.

So while it wasn't a terribly exciting day, I got to sit by myself in a store filled with books and look stuff up on the Internet. Could be much worse...

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