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Do I have a Cat?

No, I'm not so out of it that I'd forget whether or not I had a cat, but I was realizing I'd been in the apartment almost a year and I hadn't FED the cat that whole time.

(Click picture to see a larger version)

So I put out some kibble for Weatherby a.k.a. Scuba a.k.a. His Royal Majesty King Muzurski, High Emperor of the Seven Dimensions (he's had many names). Weatherby was a gift from Gilead, a fantastic artist and long-time friend (here's a link to some of his work, but his best stuff isn't on the web (Yes, that is sad)).

sanguinity was over to play robots, and she dared me to try to get grrlpup to eat some of the kibble. Couldn't pass that up, now could I? When grrlpup arrived to pick up Sang, I offered her a handful of kibble straight from the bowl. Grrlpup's a good sport, and she ate some (well, after I did). Lest you think I'm subjecting my friends to cruel practical jokes, Weatherby's food is actually Cocoa Bumpers, some chocolate-puff cereal I got at Nature's. They had little sample dishes of it one day, which looked to me just like tiny bowls of cat food... you see where this is going, right? I just couldn't pass it up...

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