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Hey, Look! It's June!

Forgive me, LiveJournal, for I have slacked; it's been six days since my last posting.*

I wish I had great stuff to report from the holiday weekend. But Friday and Saturday I worked. Sunday was fun; Dude Golf in the morning, and then alternated between goofing off and housecleaning through the afternoon. Monday was to be my Writing Day. I woke up with a throbbing headache, which tenaciously hung in there despite applications of coffee and aspirin. I spent much of the day in the company of Mr. Couch, with entertainment provided by Mr. TV and Mr. DVD-Player. By the evening, I felt better enough to have dinner with H and her husband A. They cheered me with bizarre family stories. My advice; Never play "My Family Is More Messed Up Than Your Family" with A. You will lose.

I had a rant going about work, but I'll save it for later. My family's coming to town this weekend, and I've got plenty to do to prepare.

*No, I'm not Catholic. This just amused me.
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