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I can honestly say that was the best Virtual Birthday Party I've EVER had!

Sure, this morning I'm feeling effects of typing for five hours (and from the Symbolic Wine Cooler, but I've always been a light-weight), but damn, it was fun! Wild, chaotic, funny, frustrating at moments, but well worth the price of admission.

Prior to the event, I had been wondering how well it would go. Most of my circles of friends tend to be fairly distinct and separate. My friends from Prescott don't know my friends from Portland, the NaNo group doesn't intersect with the college group, and so on. So last night was a little weird. It's like the lines were erased for a while. People I've known for less than a year got to meet those I've known for decades. They came from Vermont, Missouri, Arizona, California, Oregon, Hawaii and New Zealand, and all seemed to have a good time.

It occurred to me that most of my friends are very creative; poets, writers, artists, sculptors, actors, photographers, musicians, etc. I like to think that quality gives them all something in common (besides just that they all know me), so those who like me would generally like the other people I like. (And a lot of you are on LiveJournal; my Friends List is practically the Who's Who of last night's attendees.)

I mean, we all seemed to agree about Paris Hilton. And we managed to brush on Social Issues without alienating anyone. And we successfully speculated about "getting Tivo" as a euphemism for... something else. Nobody talked about Fight Club, and everybody played nicely with each other. It was great!

I'm tired but happy. I feel well celebrated. Much, much thanks to everyone who joined in!

All I can say is.... Cake!
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