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Last Week's Highlights!

Not much to post about last week, but here's what's worth noting.

I've been writing! Not only did I get my newsletter written IN ADVANCE, but I've made substantial progress on my screenplay. All I have left are two sequences in Act II (about 10 - 15 pages worth), and I'll be done with the draft! That will be quite a relief, I can tell you.

While I did very well at not goofing off last week, I did discover that the screenplay software I'm using has a SPEECH OPTION! Yes, one can assign parts to several different "character" voices and have them read the screenplay OUT LOUD! It's a hoot! And it would be useful, except it's like having your work performed by the Monotone Robot Players. They have no sense of timing nor range of emotion; everything's spoken in flat declaratives, like the dialog in "Matrix Revolutions". I wonder if that's why they did it that way...

The other bit of news is that I'm working at the bookstore again. J got a Real Job, and she asked me if I could take her place. I'll be working five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday, until a consulting contract comes along, or I decide I just can't take it any more. I did my first shift on Saturday, and three customers came into the store in seven hours. I think I can manage that pace.

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