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At The Sound Of The Tone, It Will Be NOW...

I wish I could say it was a terribly productive weekend, but it wasn't. I did write every day, though!

Saturday, I helped BA move to her new house. I must praise her organization and preparedness; she had everything boxed up and ready to go at 9:00 a.m. With ten people, filling the truck took about ninety minutes, and emptying it was under an hour. One of the easiest and most pleasant moves I've ever helped with.

To celebrate, I tackled sanguinity's Interview Questions. Those were a lot of fun! The answers may seem facetious, but are essentially accurate (okay, except for the one with the rocks; I never had an uncle eaten by feral monkeys). Apparently that inspired people, because I've gotten requests from her, snottygrrl, holyhippy, and oh_that_jocelyn for questions.

I'm not saying I spent ALL of Sunday working on questions for just two people, I just spent a large part of it. Mostly because I wasn't really focused; I'd work on them, surf the web, work some more, play a game for a bit, etc. It's a great way to spend a Sunday, and I was able to do it because I had written my column IN ADVANCE! Yeah, that is pretty cool, and I think I'll try doing that again.

Oh yes, the other thing I did was to figure out how to embed the dreldritch Live Journal into his web page. That took, um, more time than I care to admit, and not because I was lollygagging. I had to upgrade to a paid account, fiddle with the formatting to match the website's look and feel (not perfectly, but as closely as I could), and muck about with different embedding options. This gives readers a chance to comment on the website, without me having to build a guest book or forum. It's not perfect, but should work until I get motivated to do the programming (or pay someone to do it for me).

I could go on about Why I Hate Insomnia, but I've already hoed that row enough, so I'll just say it was a decent, if not terribly productive weekend!
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