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This Month's Much Better Than March, So Far...

This morning, at 5:32 a.m., after two days of feeling groggy and never being too far away from the nearest nap, my body decided that the Personal Sleep Quota had officially been met and I was now going to be awake. My mind apparently had no vote in the matter.

I'm feeling much better. Still a little tired around the edges, but I'm now lacking the mental fog that had made thinking far more difficult than usual. This leads me to suspect that I've been going about this whole recovery process wrong. I typically eschew having a fuss made over me when I'm ill. Sure, it's nice to have someone bring soup or tea and check that I haven't expired, but I usually retreat to convalescent solitude for sleep and Television Therapy until I feel better. That's essentially what I've done for the last two days, but I have to wonder if the outpouring of pity I received hurried my recovery. Just for the record, I was kidding about wanting pity. But hey, if it works...

And I am sincerely thankful for the outpouring of emails, e-cards and comments to my post! It means a lot that you're willing to humor me.
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