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Beach Trip!

You may have been one of the multitude wondering why I hadn't written about drarwenchicken's annual Beach Weekend yet. That's understandable, since last year's was so huge that it took eight posts to cover it, starting with this one. (If you need to go read them, I'll wait.) Well, this year's trip just now happened, and was a much smaller event than last year, but it's always good to honor the tradition.

We drove to Manzanita Thursday afternoon, through intermittent rain. Once we turned south on 101, the sky turned mostly blue. I'm not sure who arranged that, but it made the coast look fabulous. We found the hotel quite easily, got checked in, and walked to the beach. The wind was chilly, but we were on the Oregon Coast in March and not getting rained on. No complaints here.

We spent the next 24 hours playing games, reading, walking on the beach and eating. Lots of eating. We planned to meet some friends at a seafood restaurant for dinner, but it was terribly crowded and we waited for ten minutes before anyone there even acknowledged our existence. So we left. Two blocks away was an empty Chinese restaurant. We hesitated a moment (was there a reason the place was empty? Did people know something we didn't?), but decided to take our chances. Only minutes after we were seated, other people started coming in, and before we had gotten our food, all dozen tables were full. I don't know what everyone was worried about; the food was excellent.

Of course there are Vacation Pictures!

The door to the hotel room had a small porthole with a round metal cover in the room. There was no glass, so it essentially opened directly to the outdoors. No human could put their arm through to reach the doorknob and open it from the inside, but a creature with sufficiently long tentacles could. You'd think the management be concerned about this, so close to the ocean. Here's a picture of me, looking out from inside. Yes, we were in room 6:

Port Hole Door

Click for a larger version.

Here's DrArwenChicken at the beach. The words "Beware the Wheelers" are written in the sand. We bewared all the way back to the car, but saw no wheelers (well, there were the rental reclining tricycles all over the place, which would probably be handy for beach travel while intoxicated, as it would be harder to fall over, but they seemed harmless):


Click for a larger version.

They didn't pay me to say this, but Brian and Billie, the nice British couple that run the Sand Dune Inn in Manzanita were great. They loan out beach toys and a library of movies on the honor system; just take what you want to use and bring it back when you're done. They provide hot popcorn at night if you want to have some while you watch a movie. It's not a fancy place, but if one wants an inexpensive hotel room in Manzanita, you could do worse.

All in all, it was a great trip, and I'm glad I went! And it's TRADITION!

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