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Okay, I'll be honest THIS time....

A New York journalist wanted to interview me today. I turned her down.

Well, she's a feature writer from Auburn, NY. Here, read the email she sent:

Dear Mr. Nichols-
I write for a newspaper in Auburn, NY, and I'm doing a story on the festivities going on at the Seward House here in town to mark Seward's Day. I read your blog article about Seward's Day and I'm wondering if I might call you to find out what, if anything, Alaskans think or know about the holiday. I'd think it'd just be an excuse to take the day off of work, but I'd be interested to see if there are formal celebrations. Thannk [sic] you in advance.

[name withheld to protect her journalistic reputation]

Perhaps she was drawn to my mystique as a rugged and manly frontier blogger, there is a simpler explanation for how she found me. If you Google '"Seward's Day" +waffle', my blog entry is the #1 item returned! I obviously appeared to be a solid journalistic source. Well, I sent her a nice email pointing out that I'm not an Alaskan, I live in Portland, Oregon, and the whole Seward's Day celebration I describe was made up. Well, I think there was a waffle breakfast, but I didn't actually go. I felt sorry for the Alaskans, not having a good way to celebrate a Senator from New York, so I fabricated a great holiday for them. You'd think they'd be more appreciative. Anyway, tempting as it was to be a source for an article, I didn't want to mislead a fellow writer.

And the entry was dated April 1, 2003. You'd think that would be one of the first things they teach you to look for in Journalism School.
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