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Fools Rush In Where Angels Fear To Rest...

I really did intend to write my column today, but somehow other things just kept cropping up...

This morning, I hiked up to Angel's Rest with sanguinity and grrlpup. It was great! I was a bit apprehensive, as my erratic exercise habits have included walking from home up to the top of Mt. Tabor, I haven't done any serious hiking for quite some time. We made the 1500' elevation change (2.3 miles) in 75 minutes. Sang kept a steady pace with cleverly-timed breaks, and while I was definitely winded at times, I never felt overexerted. We'll see if any muscles start complaining in the days to come.

Here's some pictures (click to enlarge):

There were many, many Trillium blooming. I don't think I've ever seen so many blooming at one time. They were too scattered about to take a shot of a bunch of them, so here's two.

Group Shot
I took a group photo with the time-honored "Hold the camera at arm's length" technique. Got all three of us!

Gorge, Looking toward Portland
You know how the Pacific Northwest is all gray and rainy from November to June? This is the "Winter" weather we've been forced to deal with lately.

I returned home, fully intending to write, when I got an IM from drarwenchicken that asked "2nd breakfast?" How could I say no? We met at our usual second-breakfast spot about 1:30, having just enough time to order and eat before they closed at 2:00. We then went to Common Ground for coffee (well, they had some, I'd already hit my limit for the day).

When I got home, again, I made the mistake of turning on Mr. TV, and watched an episode of Mythbusters. Afterward, I fired up Mr. Computer, and was meandering toward writing, when oh_that_jocelyn called with some questions about reconfiguring her Internet and mail server setting (her laptop had gotten confused about how to do His Job, and needed a new harddrive). So we worked that, getting the needed updates downloaded and got to the point where she could get to both POP and SMTP servers.

By that time, I'd lost interest in writing. Now I need to eat yet again. So tomorrow I'll knock something out; I don't know, maybe a baby that solves crimes...
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