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lenser Tricked me into going to First Thursday. A Night of...

Lenser had two comp tickets from doing some photography for Bump In The Road's play "The Waiting Room." Since he owes me for so much over the years, he asked if I wanted to go, and said it had a 7:00pm curtain time. More on that later.

Now, I like Bump In the Road. drarwenchicken works with them. But they do Message Plays. They pick a specific theme each season; right now it's "Healthcare." The pedantic mixes in with the dramatic. You just have to expect points where the playwright turns to the audience (via one of the characters, of course) and essentially says "Let me tell you something," and goes on for a bit about what's wrong with the world today. When artfully done, the audience is drawn into the passionate desire to change things for the better. When less well done, or when the play goes on too long, that passion deflates to Waiting For It To Be Over. It's an educational play, and not badly done, but for the last twenty minutes, I was Waiting. (Why is it so much easier to see what needs to be edited from someone ELSE'S work?)

The play was staged at the Tribe Theater and Art Gallery. And the curtain time turned out to be 8:00 pm, not 7:00, we had an extra hour to wait. This gave us time to look at the Art. There were two pieces that I found particularly interesting. The first was a strong ecological statement; a solitary upright piano with the title card as a hand-written posterboard sign on the top. It was called "Please don't put Anything on the piano."

The second appeared to be 63 hand-knitted condoms of varying color, design and size in rows of nine hung on the wall. When we got there, no indentifying information was near it. I decided to employ my amazing innate ability to create the best name for a work of art (It's true. I can look at a piece of art and come up with the perfect title for it.) I decided the title should be "The Variety of Human Experience." Lenser was suitably impressed. While were were loitering about, a woman taped a card by the piece. We had to look. The artist, Jodie Cord, had given it the name "The Sock Project." Obviously she needs my help.

And Dance...
Also while Lenser and I waited for the play to start, we watched a performance by the "Caravan Daughters" bellydancing group. We took the last available seats; up close, stage left. I was admiring one of the dancers, who, unlike her companions, had a joyful smile as she danced. A number of times her eyes met mine, and lingered. I'm a bit out of practice with flirting, but it seemed a clear Indication of Interest. Really.

That's okay, Lenser didn't believe me at first either (to be fair, when I'm dining out with someone (my sister is frequently the audience for this bit of drollery), if a waitress does something for me, like topping off only my water glass and none of the others, I'll lean over to my companion and gloat "I think she likes me!" Hey, it amuses me). Well, as we waited to get into the play, the dancers walked past, heading toward the exit. Our eyes met, and we smiled at each other...

I know, that would have been the perfect time to introduce myself (If you're considering berating me for letting such an opportunity pass, well, I'm way ahead of you). But I am following up. I don't know if anything will come of it, but maybe I'll venture out on First Thursday more often.

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