evannichols (evannichols) wrote,

Life After Alaska

Right. This post is mostly to just have something out there in the journal, but it's kind of like when someone asks you to say something into the microphone, and the best you can come up with is the completely unoriginal "Test... 1... 2..." or the brilliant "I can't think of anything to say".

After my wildly successful Alaska Journal, I found myself a bit at a loss. Not that I don't have things to say, god knows I do. But as an unemployed contractor, (wait, "a consultant between clients"), my daily life is a simple routine of checking email, feeding myself, TV, and checking my email again. And we moved just recently, so there's the unpacking and organizing that goes with that. Will this make interesting reading?

If I don't report on what I DO, I can always discuss what I THINK. I have lots of opinions, but I'm reminded of the saying comparing opinions to certain body parts which are universal, but not necessarily interesting to others. But hey, sometimes sharing body parts is fun, and I'm going to bail on this analogy before it gets me into trouble, and say here's my journal - read, comment, and if you don't like it, feel free to ignore it. So, is this mike on?

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