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Random Reward Reinforcement....

Friday: Got laid off today! To be accurate, the client suspended the project I was working on, so they terminated the contract early. Honestly, I was happy about it. As somebody wise recently pointed out, I'm conflicted about work. I like having money, but I can't say I was excited about this contract. The people were quite agreeable, but I experienced some of the most stressful work-related moments I've had in a long time. I confess I was pleased when the client said I wouldn't have to come back next week.

Thanks to the library and Tim, I have the loan of the following number of books on these subjects:

Linux: 2
CSS: 2
Dreamweaver: 3
Php: 5

I got all of these to learn the tools for this project. Now that I'll have some more free time, I can actually read these books and try to learn these subjects from the beginning forward, rather than the "Learning By Supporting This Complex System NOW" method. You might be thinking that I won't need to know them now that the contract's over, but the project is merely suspended, not canceled. There's a good chance they'll call me in a few months...

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