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Meme, Meme, what’s it to you? The 10 Unique Things Meme

I ain’t dead.  (i.e. In case the pronounced lack of postings have made you wonder whether I’m still alive, I’m doing this meme so you’ll know that I haven’t quietly expired.)  Fortunately, my Friends List is not large (but is of very, very High Quality), so it’s easier to find things I’ve done that I think my friends haven’t.  If I’m wrong, feel free to comment.  Oh, and these are in chronological order, because I’m like that:

10 Things I’ve Done What You Haven’t

1.  Earned the rank of Eagle Scout.
2.  Ran a follow-spot at a Judy Collins concert.
3.  Was a test patient for California Ophthalmology State Boards  (four eye-exams in two days is more tiring than it sounds).
4.  Wrote, produced, directed, and acted in a sketch comedy show on cable access TV.
5.  Took still shots for a feature film (“Drinking Games” (uncredited)).
6.  Got married in an Eckankar Wedding Ceremony.
7.  Spoke to a professional organization as a computer-industry expert on Y2K.
8.  Been sued in Small Claims Court (I lost, but the judge only gave the plaintiff a fraction of what he was asking).
9.  Served as foreman on a jury that convicted the defendant of a DUI.
10. Evaded a face-to-face encounter with a moose and her calf (but watched them amble about for almost a half hour).

Here’s some Also Rans (Things I’ve Done That At Least One Of My Friends Has Too):
Enlisted in the Army.
Walked two marathons.
Diagnosed and treated for melanoma.
Got divorced.
Read the book that the Subject of this post parodies. 


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