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Beach Weekend Entry #1

Even when I have an entire day to prepare, why do I end up rushing to leave on vacation? Not sure what that's all about, but I did get out the door only a few minutes behind schedule to pick up drarwenchicken at 4:30 (well, I was there at 4:35, not bad for a SE Portland to West Hills at Rush Hour…). From there, it was easy sailing, if you count getting past Hillsboro on Hwy 26 at 5:00 pm on a weekday as easy. We played our childhood-favorite car game, What Number Am I Thinking?* almost all the way to the coast.

Sunset colors were lighting the sky as we drove the last stretch down 101 into Manzanita. Our initial consternation about the torn-up roads through town was alleviated when we saw the Sea Cliff, our Beach-Weekend-Home-Away-From-Home. It was great! EXCELLENT view of the ocean!

The first hurdle was finding a place to eat. There aren't a lot of choices in Manzanita, Oregon in the off-season. We chose the "Blue Wave" because it met our basic criteria: It was open. However, it did feel like we had wandered in past closing and the owners were too polite to say anything and served us anyway. Someone was busily emptying the giant fish tank. A group was disassembling a booth in the corner. The purpose seemed to be to recover a card that had fallen down inside, but they didn't stop once the card was recovered. Small-town people hate it when you question their behavior, so we said nothing.

Dinner was fine, and we retired back to the Sea Cliff. I love this part of vacation; two unhurried days stretch out before us. I don't know what those days will bring, but now I'm in no rush to find out.

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*Not familiar? Goes like this:
"What Number am I thinking?"
"Okay, your turn!"
"What Number am I thinking?"

** This is actually more fun than it sounds. To make things fair, we limit the number range to integers between 1 and 1,048,576.

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