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Finished yet another week at work, and have one left. If my contract doesn't get extended, that is, but it's so hard to know. I have this worry that the client's expecting miraculous transformations in the application, but between my learning curve and the limited time available of the off-site support person, that's just not happening. Sure, we fixed some bugs, added some features and I developed a stompin'-good design for making the system actually support their business. Will it look like enough to them? I'm just not sure.

Oh, crap. You clicked through, and now you're reading this. I didn't expect that. I mean, I just thought if the cut title looked positive, you'd see my post in your Friends List and think something like "Evan's had some insight, that's nice," and go on.

But you're here, expecting something insightful, and I got nothing. Really. I'd like to, but I pretty much wasted my freetime this weekend figuring out how to use frames on my Dr. Eldritch website. I went for a couple walks. Got rained on a bit. The edgiest thing I've done since Friday was have some Creamy Potato Leek Soup that had a "Best If Used By" date of February 5th. I've hardly spoken to anyone all weekend, but I enjoy solitude. So that's not a bad thing, right?

When I was talking to J at the bookstore last weekend, she asked if I might be going through a bout of depression. My first reaction was "No, I'm not depressed." I may complain about stuff, but I know I've got a good life and I'm usually happy. I've thought about it a bit over the last week. I still don't think I'm depressed. I admit I have a number of the projects that I'm not making any progress on. And I'm not excited about doing them. For example, while I've been diligent about weekly website updates, I've made NO progress on my screenplay for almost two months. I'm loathe to use the "W****** B****" phrase, but it's not like I'm spewing out a draft here.

I think the important thing is to be able to check in with myself now and then and ask "How am I doing?" Not just with writing, but with Life In General. I certainly don't have to be cheerful all the time, but more often then not, the answer is that I'm happy. I'm doing all right. However, I'm currently very tired, and rambling a bit. Could you tell? Thanks for reading this far, though, and I promise the next time I say I have some insight, I actually will.

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