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Work That Knits Up The Raveled Sleeve of Care...

I noticed last night that I was feeling restless. Unsettled. As if it was the last day of vacation.

Which it was, actually. Today I rejoined the Ranks of the Employed, and I was getting tense in anticipation, because, well, it is the Way of My People. Fortunately, I've been doing this consulting thing long enough that I could let go of the tension, and just be present to an enjoyable night at home.

And what did I have to worry about, anyway? Client X is a small company, I know people there, and even though I have to learn some new tools and a programming language, I've got Tim and another consultant to back me up. And Client X brought me on knowing that there would be some ramp-up time, so I could even attempt a personal Wallying record and see how long I could go without actually producing any measurable work. Stupid force of habit!

Part of it, I'm certain, was missing the free time that comes with unemployment. Makes me want to grumble about the imposition on my time, how working is keeping me from writing, how I can't wear my pajamas past noon and working just sucks....

But it was fine. I met C, who I'll work with most of the time, and got set up and started making a fix to the code. Sure, I could complain that I have to commute (about ten minutes, if I have to stop at every traffic light), or that there are lots of dogs running around (three, but they're cool and aside from some barking and a couple attempts to lick my face, they're not a bother at all), or that lenser has his studio there, so I'll be distracted by one of my best friends on a regular basis, or that I ended up making a change to the system right before I left, so I've already messed up the Wally record. Well, there is actually something to complain about; they don't have any good chairs. And there's no free coffee (what's with that?).

All in all it wasn't a bad day. I think I'll go back tomorrow.


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