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Hardly a Night at Home All Week!

Those of you keeping score know that during a given week, I tend to spend more evenings at home than out. This last week was quite the exception, with four events in four days:

Toastmasters (led Table Topics on "Goals for 2005", something that's been on my mind much of late);

Screenwriting Group 2. Our first meeting, after a flurry of planning emails. Only four of a possible ten showed up, but we talked about goals and format for the group;

The unsanctioned Portland-NaNoWriMo-Writers gathering (see post of 1/20). That was a blast; it reminds me how much I enjoy the company of other writers;

Game Night at M & Dr. M's house. We played a trivia game (with some tough questions. The A is to B as C is to ? questions were hard.*) Anyway, we started with teams of two; Dr. M and I were a team. Not to boast, but we smoked everybody else! So the second game was "Everybody Else against Us." We lost that one, but not by much. We then moved on to Cloodle (a spin-off of Cranium). TJ's gesture to make the group guess "Viagra" was stunningly effective and hysterically funny. Took everyone a while to recover from that. We also noted that BA is quite good at guessing answers from hastily-scrawled sketches or a few seconds of non-verbal pantomime. Must be the Art background.

Anyway, sometimes when I'm tired, I'll debate whether or not I'm up for Game Night, but I'm always glad when I go. It was an enjoyable end to a busy week.

* Think you're wicked smart? Try these actual questions from the game:

king is to emperor as monarch is to: ?
A) kingdom, B) satyr, C) raja, D) sultan.

minimum is to maximum as 0 is to: ?
A) infinity, B) 90 degrees, C) c, D) 102.

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