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Three Days of Freezing Rain

If you're reading this, then my LJ has come back. My account must be on the Mad Cow server, unlike my friends, as my entire friends list seems to be back up, but I can't get to mine. And I can't comment on other posts, unless I'm anonymous, and who wants that!?! So I write this in anticipation of my return to the LJ Living. (Hey, it's back! Quick, I'm posting...)

Despite Thursday's metopic megrim, I wasn't going to miss my Plan for the Day: Hanging out with sanguinity. She was recovering from surgery, and grrlpup had paid me to keep her from blowing anything up (No, just kidding! I was there to mitigate the tedium of being stuck at home all week (I know what it's like (when I had to have an emergency epistemology, the pain pills made me groggy and I was incapable of theologizing for myself (so I had to have friends do it (you really learn who your true friends are)) I got better, but I still sometimes experience impacted parentheticals))) on the theory that I was more interesting than TV. Anyway, it was too cold to go outside and blow anything up, so we looked at photographs, talked about books, watched several episodes of Penn & Teller's Showtime series "Bullshit!" (that debunks common beliefs based on dubious science or outright non-science), and generally had a great time.

Oh yes, we watched "Incubus", a low-budget b/w horror film from 1965 in Esperanto with English subtitles, starring "William Shatner". Yes, that William Shatner! It's perfect MST3K fodder, terrible and wonderful to behold! Note: Avoid watching after abdominal surgery.

As all Portland-based readers know, we got iced. It's just not January until we get freezing rain and a sheet of low-traction ice covering lawns, trees, sidewalks and roadways. At least this year it happened on a Saturday, so most people were able to do as I did, and just stay home. I did walk to the store with oh_that_jocelyn ("Wait," you're saying, "She lives in Vermont!" That's true. In a word: Cell phone.) I could move along fairly well on the grassy strips alongside the sidewalks, but streets and pavement were slow, slippery going. While I had several tense moments wondering whether this jaunt was Going to End Badly, I made it there and back without even falling.

The screenwriting group decided that nobody felt like driving across town, so we postponed until next week. So I spent much of the weekend lounging about with various books and DVDs (hooray for not having to work during Ice Storms!). All in all, not a productive weekend (still haven't written my column for the week!), but very relaxing.

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