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Not Right In The Head

I was done with work mid-afternoon yesterday, but by the time I got home, my head was hurting so much that I crashed on the couch for several hours, eyes closed and covered to block out the light.

This may sound familiar if you or anyone you know has suffered from migraines. I don't think of myself as One Who Gets Migraines; I've only had a couple such episodes in my life. Whether this was a true migraine or just a very bad headache, it was enough to keep me from going to go hang out with a bunch of people from my screenwriting class, or doing much else last night.

I wish this was just an isolated event, but my head's been bothering me all week, since Monday's Power Loss. Been feeling achy and swimmy off and on. It could be a chiropractic issue, but it feels like candidiasis. Considering we're just past the Holiday Season, rife with sugary treats beloved by candidas yeast, it fits. This is manageable, fortunately, by dietary changes and supplements (the time I saw a doctor about this, he told me I didn't have enough symptoms for him to treat me for anything. I suspect he believed I was just making it up). I probably shouldn't watch "House", as I'm already prone to assume that I have the worst possible illness that my symptoms would indicate, and that show is filled with all sorts of dread diseases. Right now, I'll just be happy if the lingering remnants of this headache go away...

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