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Well, taking intentional vacation time worked. I think.

I had a grand weekend; took a couple long walks, stopped at the library, visited friends, and played video games at the Avalon. My screenwriting group meeting got postponed, so I didn't even have to worry about showing up without anything prepared. All very enjoyable and rejuvenating, and I didn't tell myself that I should be doing something more productive.

So when I thought about preparing the weekly column, I FELT LIKE writing it. Not a reluctant "Oh man, gotta crank out 800 words" but "Hey, I could write about this!" It's not the first time where setting clear time-off parameters is followed by a desire to write, but it still amazes me. Like watching one of those card tricks that's done solely by statistical probability and you think it's not going to happen this time, and then it just works. Way cool.

So I also felt ready to jump back into Getting Things Done mode this morning. The day started out well. Got the kitchen cleaned (somebody had really been slacking on the dishes. Appalling), took down the holiday decorations, and made some organizational progress. Early in the afternoon, I crashed. My stomach felt a bit unsettled, and I just lost power, like a queasy uncharged cell phone. I didn't want to take a nap, but it felt like my choice was to either lay down, or collapse onto the keyboard and wake up hours later with letters reverse-imprinted on my face. So I slept. It helped. I still feel a bit unsettled and tired. I hope this isn't the preliminary rounds of a bug, and a night's sleep will eradicate any lingering effects. We'll just see. I'm supposed to work two days this week, it would be ironic to have to call in sick for the only scheduled working days of the month.

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