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Yo Christmas!

I haven't spoken about the Holiday Gatherings this year, but there have been several over the last two weeks:

  • Teatime with the Screenwriting Group, where others expressed the same misgivings I was having about productivity, and ended up having a great brainstorming / goal-setting session.

  • Dinner at the Rheinlander with the Toastmasters. The highlight was when our waiter showed up at the table with another server in tow and announced they were going to sing "Silent Night". After the wandering accordion player had done a few tunes for us, I wasn't expecting much, but they launched into lovely a cappella harmony; three verses, one in German. Gave me goosebumps.

  • Attended the first Presidium Holiday Party. (Presidium is the company that Tim started to replace Wisdom Consulting. I'm happy to be working for Tim, but it's sad to see the end of Wisdom (multiple-meanings intended).) Anyway, it was a small group, but one I'm pleased to be a part of.

  • Had two ventures to Peacock Lane, one with sanguinity and grrlpup, one with nmaki and her husband. We learned that weeknights are MUCH less crowded (and in my book that means MUCH more pleasant). Both events finished with hot chocolate and treats, and sublimely enjoyable conversation.

  • And then (yes, there's more!), shared Christmas Eve dinner with these same new friends! The potluck theme was Something To Do With One's Heritage. Since most of my ancestors come from the British Isles, and those culinary traditions never got handed down, my contribution to the potluck was a two-variety dish of enchiladas; red and green chili. I am from Arizona, after all. They were well received, and didn't seem too odd next to wonton soup with barbecued pork, cabbage rolls, caviar (on pancakes with sour cream, egg yolk and lemon. Fabulous!), wild rice with cranberries, confetti cake and a plethora of other desserts.

Christmas Eve ended with a game of Trivial Pursuits, 90's edition. Some of the questions made me feel like I slept through the entire decade. In my defense, we started playing the game later in the evening, and it ran well after when I am usually asleep. And I was feeling the effects of eating cheese and sour cream, both of which I love, but they are not My Friends. I don't know if the others assumed my grim determination was a desire to win, or understood that if we got the questions right, It Would Be Over.

I would not leave you with the impression that I didn't have fun! It was a great evening, the food was delicious, and I can honestly say that while there was bloodshed, it was fairly minor, and in no way reflects badly on our hosts. It was an evening spent in good company, which is the best way to celebrate Christmas Eve. I'm very glad to have been a part of it!


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