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Some things are just not worth it. I saw a news item where doctors in the Netherlands are now implanting micro-thin platinum jewelry under the membrane of the eye. I’m not squeamish (oh wait, yes I am), but this just strikes me as a Bad Idea. The word “implant” and “eye” should not be in the same sentence. Sure, people will say “Check it out! You’ve got a tiny heart in your eye!” But it’s METAL! In you EYE! It seems like there’s just too little leeway when things go wrong. But maybe that’s just me.

Oh, and here’s what’s going on in my life (I’m still eye-jewelry-implant free!):

I haven’t posted much this month. I’ve been working two jobs lately, a full-time job in Vancouver and then putting in a couple hours doing some tech writing elsewhere. Not only does this mean I have less time to do interesting things in the evening, but even less inclination. So I have a bunch of half-finished tasks scattered about my desk and dining table, not to mention all the empty pizza boxes (I haven’t gotten take-out or delivery pizza for years, but there’s something about bachelorhood that causes stacks of empty pizza boxes to spontaneously generate about the apartment. Someone should really do a study…).

Oh yes, I attended December’s only meeting of our Screenwriting Group last weekend. None of us had made much progress in the last month, so we made it a social event. We did strategize for the coming year, however. Several of us felt bogged down in our screenplay projects. I found that getting feedback on the first act of my screenplay while writing the end of the second act left me trying to second-guess how the second act should be after the yet-undefined changes might be applied to the first act. Progress slowed to a trickle. Apparently I’m not the only one suffering from this. We’re going to try writing an entire first draft before sharing pages and getting feedback and see if that helps.

My pre-bedtime reading lately has been Terry Pratchett’s “A Hatful of Sky” and Fford’s “The Eyre Affair”. An enthusiastic thumb’s-up on “Hatful”! I love almost all of Pratchett’s Discworld books, and this one made me laugh and cry (not that it’s hard for a good book to make me cry, but I rarely laugh out loud while reading). “Eyre Affair” was okay. It’s set in an alternate-reality England where the boundaries between reality and literature blur, so a special branch of law enforcement maintains the integrity of classic literature. I liked the audience-participation “Richard III” (imagine Shakespeare done for a “Rocky Horror” audience), and the story concept is interesting, but it didn’t draw me in as much as I hoped. I was reminded of Keith Laumer’s “Retief of the CDC” stories, which also create an entire subculture within a bureaucracy. There are four books in the series, perhaps I’ll find the later ones more compelling.

I don’t have a lot of holiday plans this year, but what I’ve got revolve around Peacock Lane. (For my non-Portland readers, Peacock Lane is a residential street about four blocks long which, for 50 weeks a year, is just like any other. In the weeks around Christmas, the residents put up lavish lighting displays, and people come from all over to drive Peacock Lane and gaze in awe at the lights. Unfortunately, the access streets to the lane aren’t really designed for the huge line of cars that jam the area, so nearby residents must deal with this traffic when they want to get anywhere.) Since Peacock Lane is two blocks over from where I live, I’m inviting people what I like to come over so we can do the walking tour of the Lane, and then return to my apartment for post-activity cocoa and conversation. Interested? Let me know!
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