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What News?

I can sum up last Monday through Friday pretty easily:

- Woke up way too early, couldn't go back to sleep
- Went to work
- Tired after dinner, read a bit
- Went to bed.

Not too exciting, huh? The worst bit was Mr. Furnace having a fan with a bad bearing that makes a grinding noise at 4:00am (it may do it at other times, but I REALLY NOTICE it then).

The best bit was Saturday. Went to the final Screenwriting Class! We covered the Business side; how to market our scripts and what to expect from agents, producers and actors. The best part was at lunch; I managed to be at the right place to get invited to accompany CW and another couple of students to lunch. Oh yes, I also had another person ask if I wanted to join a screenwriting group! I declined, as it's stressful enough having one bunch of people giving feedback on my work. And for those of you keeping track at home; My screenplay isn't done, but I can mail it in when I'm finished.

After class I had enough time to go to the store and get what I needed for my contribution to the NaNoWriMo TGIO party (chocolate-chip cookies with chocolate mints melted on top (If you haven't tried this, they're GREAT!)). I baked those up and they were just barely cool enough when it was time to leave. On my way out the door I called oh_that_jocelyn, and we talked all the way out to Orenco Station.

There aren't many reasons to go to Hillsboro, but I was willing to venture that far for the "Thank God It's Over" party. Several dozen novel writers gathered for desserts, lattés, and an opportunity to ask others "So, how did your novel come out?" A gathering of writers always seems a little contradictory to me; writing being a generally solitary endeavor (but it's not as odd as an International Hermit Convention). Everyone there was quite friendly, though, and I had a blast. We gave our ML her thank-you card and Powell's gift certificate. I got to talk with a number of people, and sanguinity even indulged me in some work-related questions (Thanks!). I have to admit that on the long drive home, I had a few "Too Bad It's Over" feelings. Writing the novel was fun, but the Portland NaNo community is really great! There's a plan for monthly get-togethers, and I have some email addresses, so we can stay it touch. I'm not such a social butterfly that I need a huge circle of friends to keep me constantly entertained, but it's nice to know more people in Portland with common interests...

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