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Less than 4,000 words to go, and I'm getting punchy.

The good news is that I'm almost done with my novel! The bad news is that I almost broke a promise. I do TRY to keep my word when I say I'll do something, especially when I explicitly promise to do it. Fortunately, today I was reading through my Alaska Journal. Almost exactly a year ago, I had a post about finishing my first novel, and that it was completely monkey-free. Bowing to extreme pressure from my fan base, I promised that the 2004 novel would have a monkey in it.

So here it is. The bit with the monkey:

Eldritch set the keg in the center of the room, and unrolled the fuse across the floor. He knelt by the end, and reached into his pocket for the matches. Not there. He checked his coat. Nothing. He looked about; no fireplace nor candles in the room. He was about to leave, when something dropped from the ceiling onto the keg.

Eldritch's dagger was out, thrusting toward the tiny form before he caught himself. Standing on the keg was a small monkey. His large, dark eyes blinked up at Eldritch from under a conical aubergine hat with a round brim that curled up at the edge. The monkey hopped to the floor and scampered to the end of the fuse. A small device appeared in his hand, but from where it had come, Eldritch could not tell. The monkey clicked the item a few times, and a tiny flame popped from the end. The fuse sputtered and caught, and began burning a dark line across the wood floor.

The monkey approached Eldritch and stood, looking into his eyes. With a wild shake of his head, he gave a wide, simian grin.

"Eeep!" the monkey said, and bounded across to the window. Hopping up onto the sill, he quickly opened the latch on a small pane, and darted through it. Eldritch caught a glimpse of him as he scurried away across the snow and disappeared.

"How very odd," Eldritch muttered, and hurried to the door. It would not do to be in the room when the flame found the powder in the keg.


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