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The Universe is Messing With Me, Part II

I just got home from a job interview. I like to think I interview well, although I haven't had to do it very often.

The last time I had to sit across from someone who was trying to decide whether to bring me on board was for my first consulting gig. For all assignments since then, the client accepted me because they knew me (either directly or by reputation), or simply trusted the word of the marketing person that presented me.

I think it went well. They seemed pleased with my responses, and I managed not to ask any wildly-inappropriate-but-amusing-to-me questions (e.g. "Will I be expected to kill anyone?"). So I'm about 90% sure I'll get this assignment.

All this falls under the "Universe Messing With Me" category because, as you may recall if you've been following this journal, I hadn't expected to be working. To be specific, I had the whole month off, then I didn't, then I had the rest of the month free, and now I don't. I know I could decline this opportunity, but Tim (I know, I should probably refer to him as TAH, to be consistent with the rest of this journal, but it's hard to think of him as anything other than "Tim"), asked me to do this. The consultant that has the position currently wants to leave it for a full-time position elsewhere, and if Tim can't backfill, it's a loss. Let's just say that the amount of underemployment I've experienced this year has been indicative of how business has been.

Which makes me think about loyalty. I stuck with my first consulting company for many years, even after it got too large to have the small-business feel that attracted me in the first place. And despite the HUGE percentage of my billable rate that went into their pockets. Tim's treated me better than they ever did, and paid me a lot more, and he's a friend.

I sometimes wonder if my sense of loyalty causes me to choose unwisely. I did spend a year in Anchorage to be working for Tim, rather than hunting for work in Portland. (To be fair, Alaska paid really well, and the Portland job-market sucked.) I don't regret what I've done, and on the whole, things have worked out rather nicely. So even though I may be working instead of writing full-time for a while, I'm okay with that. I'm expecting to finish my novel in the next couple days, and then I have two weeks to finish the screenplay. And who knows? Maybe this is the Universe's way of providing me enough money to be able to take off six months to write next year...


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