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I'm not a journalist, so I have no ethical responsibility to be factual, but I did want to make a correction from a previous entry. Last month I posted a meme about Things I Have That My Friends Do Not, and I mentioned having been to Lawton, Oklahoma. I was somewhat critical. Today I received an Anonymous comment challenging my stated opinion, and I had to reconsider. Was I being too harsh?

To be fair, I was in Oklahoma back in the 1980's, which is like an entirely different Millenium! Who can remember clearly that far back? It's still true that I've been to Lawton and I'm quite sure my Friends haven't. However, the place I MEANT to talk about was ALTUS, Oklahoma, a much smaller town west of Lawton. That's the town of involuntary citizenry I intended to specify.

If anyone views the City of Lawton Home Page, one can easily see it is a place of strong community, culture, and rich history. It's a city unafraid of taking a stand against the ownership of monkeys, elephants, and rhinoceroses (Section 5-1-111 of the Lawton City Code). One can indeed find anything you could possibly need or want, as long as you don't want sushi, Indian food, a Buddhist temple or treatment by a naturopath. I would quote their motto, except they don't seem to have one. Still, my apologies to all the good citizens of Lawton, OK who live there of their own free will (and all those who live in Altus by choice (if there are any)).

As for having more information before I form an opinion, let me point out that I'm an American, and it's our right to voice strong opinions, no matter how ignorant or erroneous they may be! It's what we do! Why else would we have developed the Internet?
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