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It's the Arts!

On Friday, thrihyrne and I went with grrlpup and sanguinity to see “One Man Star Wars Trilogy” at the Aladdin.

If you haven't seen it, the show is pretty much what it says on the tin.  One man (actor Charles Ross) acts out three Star Wars movies (SW ep 4- A New Hope through SW ep 6 – The Return of the Jedi) in about 75 minutes.  He doesn't tell the story the way one would recount a film to one's friends (“…And then the princess blasts the grate, and they all dive down the chute!  And it turns out to be a garbage compactor!”), he acts all the roles and sings the soundtrack (mostly wordlessly for that, but sometimes he interjects lyrics for humorous effect).  And he does all the sound effects; his TIE fighter is spot-on.

I'd seen the show with sanguinity a few years back, and while I didn't remember much detail, I did recall that it was an evening well spent.  And it still is.  I do think the show works best for fans who know the movies well enough to recognize most scenes and what's going on.  For example, I would imagine his rendition of the sand barge fight would be mystifying to anyone who wasn't at least familiar with the opening of “Jedi.”  But if you do know the sequence, it's a blast to see how he depicts the core elements in retelling the story.

Apparently he's also performing a One Man Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  If that comes to Portland, I'll probably see that, too...

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