evannichols (evannichols) wrote,

Not to boast, but my life is being pretty awesome.

Tonight is the final night of Vacation: thrihyrne and I went to Harrisonburg, Virgina to sort through and bring home (or dispose of) all of her stuff that had been stored at her mother's house for the past several years.  While this might seem odious, we had a great time.

We were blessed by Ganesh in many ways:The flight out there (direct from PDX to Washington DC!) landed so early that the prior plane at our gate hadn't left yet.  Our bags showed up just as we arrived at baggage claim. The 3-hour drive to Harrisonburg had a little rain, but not the sleet or wintry mix the forecast had threatened.  And even though our return flight departed 30 minutes late, we arrived essentially on time, met up with our ride and got home right on schedule.

Our time there was dominated by sorting and packing, but did include leisurely meals with T's mom and stepdad, visiting with friends and a service at the church where T sang in the choir.  Everyone was thrilled to see T and seemed greatly pleased that she's happy and doing well.  Even though this was technically Part 2 of "Evan's Meet the Parents" (T's dad and stepmom visited Portland last year), it was all very relaxed. I felt tremendously welcomed and accepted, and had a genuinely enjoyable time.

In the end, we took a couple car-loads of stuff to Goodwill, gave some items to T's friend K (who drove down from Pennsylvania just to visit for a day), filled two garbage cans with throw-aways and lost track of how many boxes of paper went for recycling.  We carried two full bags back on the plane, and shipped a large bin and a rug.  And soon T will have all of her belongings here in Portland.  That is a good thing.

Best of all, we had a low-stress, high-satisfaction family visit, followed by a day off at home together.  I feel happy, rested and all ready to go in for a two-day work week.  Have I mentioned that my life is awesome?  It really is.

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