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Tomorrow is the 1st!

If you're like me (and you probably are), you don't remember to say "Robots, robots, robots*" as the very first thing on the first day of each month until late in the day, by which time you've already said a whole bunch of other things, so your luck is only Normal Luck for the month, instead of really awesome Good Luck.

Well, let this be your reminder.

Soon I will post about how my life is still being thoroughly wonderful and my non-work time is primarily devoted to the lovely and amazing thrihyrne, and in July there was much sushi and cake and Olympics and some socializing, and there are significant events and changes in lives around me, but not tonight. Now I will go to go to bed and dream of good-luck robots, and wish you the best of everything for August!

*If you're still saying "Rabbits!" or "Rabbit, rabbit, white rabbit," or some other similar words, depending on where you come from on the first of the month for luck, may I point out that it's the new Millennium, and robots are where it's at. I'm just saying.
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