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So, does this happen where YOU work?

At the end of the work week, my supervisor asked if I would mind taking four weeks off.

Apparently the tech team is hip-deep in distractions, and the system I was to spend next week documenting is not yet ready. Rather than try to write up a half-done application, she thought I might be willing to come back in December and finish up my time then.

I calmly said "That would be fine," while I was thinking "YES!! THAT'S GREAT! WOOHOO!" (Even though I'm technically a PT/Temp employee, those consultant habits are hard to break; i.e. when the client deals you a Royal Flush and asks if that's acceptable, give the impression you're doing them a favor by accepting it.)

So instead of spending next week working and trying to get a couple hours of writing in each evening, I can WRITE ALL DAY! As we say in my country, "That doesn't suck."

The only downside is that I won't get paid for this time off, but considering I had only expected to work one day a week at the bookstore through November, I'm still coming out ahead.

So I celebrated by finishing up the current work, going home at lunchtime, and taking a nap! Life is Sweet!


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