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Hi, Everybody!

Day 4: Sunshine.  After what feels to be a many-week stretch of rainy (and occasionally snowy) weather, thrihyrne and I took advantage of the burst of sunny, warm weather by walking about on Mt. Tabor with sanguinity.  This was our second walk of the day, since we started this morning with a walk to the coffee shop with drarwenchicken and Hz (which now seems like quite a while ago, in a luxurious, vacation-day expanse of time).  Two more days of leisure stretch before us, but the return to the working world on Wednesday is visible on the horizon, lurking like a thing that's a simile for daily life, that lurks. 

Spending time with thrihyrne has been restorative, blissful and profound. For me, 2012 has had more joy in it than the last three years combined.  I wouldn't be surprised if I'm personally responsible for a measurable increase in the Global Happiness Index.  If I go on about it any more, I'll sound like I'm gloating, so I'll wrap this by wishing that you are happy too, and that you got a chance to enjoy some sunshine this weekend!
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