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Three Days of Rain

Another brief post, but today thrihyrne was with me all day (yay!).  We went for a walk this morning with drarwenchicken and Hz (well, it was cold and raining, so we drove to the coffeeshop, walked around the block, had our Treats, then drove home).  Once back, we quickly assembled ourselves to meet Awesome Fan ZombieGurlTJ and her husband M at Dick's Kitchen for lunch.  Then a quick stop at my credit union on the way to snottygrrl's flat (arriving a fair bit early which caught her a bit out), so we could all go see "The Secret World of Arrietty."  Spent a little while staring at my shoes before the show, but we all seemed to enjoy the movie.  Then back home, to install Windows Office on my new computer (thanks, grrlpup!).  All that remains is to have dinner and figure out what we'll do to entertain ourselves for the next 24 hours.


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