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Vacation Report, Executive Summary: I'm Still Alive

Vacation Report, Details.

The Good News:
The Refurnishing has not killed me (but I would disagree with Nietzsche about whether I've been strengthened by this).
Much of my New Furniture will be delivered this afternoon.  The fact that today is also the start of a New Year seems symbolic.
My colleagues at BHFT have left me alone all week, except for a single 2-minute phone call.

The Other News:
I've been suffering sinus congestion and insomnia all week.  No meltdowns, but my New Year's Eve plans were scrubbed because I just couldn't handle going out.
It's All Taken Much Longer Than Expected.  I'd thought to have new furnishings around Christmas, and spend the week assembling and arranging.  Getting to a final decision on the major pieces of furniture took most of the week, and the actual order happened late Friday.
It hasn't been much fun.  As I ate breakfast this morning surrounded by stacks of bins and boxes, I realized that it's very much like moving.  Heavy furniture items have been carried from place to place, and almost everything I own has been boxed up and shifted around.  You know how most people don't enjoy moving?  It's been like that, with a lot more interior-design purchase decisions having to be made.

Fortunately, oh_that_jocelyn has been a tremendous help with the contemplating, choosing, and carrying.  I am grateful!

Happy New Year, Everyone!
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