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The Refurnishing: WIP

I won't say that my interest in the refurnishing of my apartment is growing to the point of obsession, but I would note that when I was insomnia-awake for two hours in the middle of Thursday night, I didn't revisit my usual contemplation of how I would one day exact Fearsome Revenge On All Who Have Mocked Me, but I figured out a clever custom bookshelf design of four 2'x2'x6" units that would go along the south wall. I drew diagrams. Anyway, here's what I'm currently thinking for the bedroom section:

Design Concept (Click to enlarge)
Evan's studio Bedroom design

Over the storage nook the mock-up shows a screen, which will likely be curtains instead. The Health Rider (played here by an exercise bike) will have a cover, so it looks less like a random piece of exercise equipment. I'm thinking there will be a LED rope light around the perimeter at the ceiling, and a sheer curtain that crosses the room to separate this section from the rest of the space. Oh, and there will be mirrors on the fronts of the two tall wardrobes.

So, now to tear myself away and do other stuff for a while...
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