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This is a job for EVAN THE JUST!

I had a three-day reprieve this week, but tomorrow I'm called in for Jury Duty.

I was mulling over why I wasn't excited about it, because it is a way to meddle in the lives of Complete Strangers after all, and who wouldn't look forward to that? After somber and thoughtful consideration*, I realized that it's because:
A) it's inconvenient, and
B) I don't know what's going to happen.

Evans do not like these things.

Not only must I vary from my regular routine, but there's much uncertainty in the logistics of it. I've never been there before. Should I drive? They say there isn't a lot of parking, so perhaps I should take the bus? I've never gone that route. What if the bus is late? How do I find where I'm going? Can I bring my laptop, or will I get in trouble for that? What if there are bears?

Some might say, "You're looking at this all wrong! Think of it as An Adventure!" But that makes me worry that there will be hitting and I'll be late for supper. Doesn't really make it more appealing, honestly.

One way or another, I'll go. It will probably work out fine. I'm sure I'll have some stunningly insightful words to share about it later.

*See, I'm good at that, too, which is another reason that I should be excited about Jury Duty.
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