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November Approaches...

It's about this time in October that my thoughts turn to NaNoWriMo, and I think, "Should I do NaNo this year?" And the answer is, as it should be, "Oh, god no."

Don't get me wrong; I've had a blast writing novels and hanging out with NaNo friends. And perhaps my answer is a bit harsh. But while I greatly enjoy the frenzy that is NaNo, I just don't think I should fling myself into that right now. Just a bit too much going on.

But it does lead me to consider what I do want to be doing. For one thing, I want to finish my account of my weekend at Steamcon, before I go too long and it seems awkward to still talk about it. I want to finish a bunch of projects that I've started, so I'll actually have finished projects. I want to... well...

Remember how we all agreed that there were Three Reasons That Evan Isn't Surrounded By Single Women Clamoring For His Attention? In case you've forgotten, they are:
1. Not-straight teeth.
2. Erratic organizational follow-through skills.
3. An unsatisfactory bed.

As uncomfortable as it has been at times, I'm working on #1, and am about halfway through that process. I announced the project for #3 back in February, and didn't actually make much progress, mostly due to #2. So I was thinking that if I work on #2, it may help with #3, and give me something to do while the braces slowly resolve #1.

I'd like to regain control of the chaos. What would it be like to have an entire month where all of the receipts, records and mail that came into my home were handily dealt with and dispatched to their proper destinations? Where the dishes stayed clean, except for when then were briefly dirty (instead of the other way 'round)? Where the piles of stuff decreased, instead of increased? It sounds like Paradise. A tidy, organized Paradise.

So maybe that's what I'll do this November instead. It's a little like the opposite of NaNo, where I'll be cleaning the bathroom instead of ignoring it to achieve my word count. I don't plan on giving up being an Artist. I'll still be a Rebel Who Plays By His Own Rules, but for November, I think those rules will involve decluttering and prompt filing.

Perhaps there are women who find that exciting.

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