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Saturday – Wordstock: Three Intros and a Workshop.

Even though the Wordstock Author Committee declined to have me do a presentation this year, I had the opportunity to introduce the speakers at three of the events. First were graphic-novelists Vera Brosgol and Jonathan Hill, who talked about and read from their work. Second, Mike Rosen, who moderated the discussion of "Oil and Water," a graphic novel about the people impacted by the BP oil disaster in the Gulf, produced by Steve Duin and Shannon Wheeler. Finally, writers Robert Greer and Pierre Ouellette. I enjoyed doing the intros, and I don't think I messed any of them up (well, not too badly; I think I rushed the first one a bit). I felt good about the third (and I'm glad I asked Pierre Ouellette how to pronounce his name, because I would have probably with something like "Oohl-yet," instead of "Well-ette." Live and learn).

I'd signed up for the workshop about collaborating with artists on graphic novels because I assumed that I had some things to learn. My prior experience was working with Gilead on a 4-page comic and putting together a 23-page script for him (as yet undrawn), and since neither of us had ever gone through the process before with anyone else, we just did what made sense to us. You know how screenplays have very specific format requirements that if you don't use, everyone will decide you're a total amateur? Comic books don't have that. It comes down to "work with your artist to figure out how much detail to provide."

The workshop certainly wasn't a total waste. I got some examples of scripting format that are different from what I've used. They gave some structural guidelines and talked about the experience of collaborating. Unfortunately, they didn't have a projector for their slides, so we didn't get to see a chunk of the material. And one of presenters started the day nervously interjecting "Ahhhhhm" into almost every pause, which caused me to think more about that then what he was actually saying. Fortunately, he got better.

All in all, I'm glad I went. And that I only devoted one day to Wordstock, as Sunday was eaten up by another project altogether.

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