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Why Isn't Everyone Talking About This!?!

There are a lot of things to be frightened about, like bear attacks or another Republican Presidency, but today I need to tell you about a Terror with a side of Terror Sauce, and that's UARS.

This killer is the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (Note: NASA has ignored my many suggestions to rename it the "Screaming Killer Falling Satellite of Death"), which silently floats far above our heads, for now. Sometime between today and Halloween, this 6.5-ton runaway satellite will plunge to the Earth, and nobody knows when or where!

Fortunately, Scientists have narrowed the Danger Area to the part of the Earth shaded in red below:

I'm sure Iceland is gloating a lot about this, but pretty much everybody south of Aberdeen* is at risk, and that means YOU. Afraid? You should be. A satellite could fall on you at any time, and on your friends and family within 500 miles!

The best thing to do is try not to worry about it, so enjoy your weekend!

*I think that's the town that only exists once every 100 years, right?

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