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Wherein My Suffering Is Your Gain...

So, I'm sick on a long weekend, and here are some of the movies I've watched (or tried to watch) recently and my reactions:

Let Me In - A remake of a movie I found very well done, "Let the Right One In." I'm not sure whether a northern New Mexico winter will equal the despondency of Swedish mid-winter darkness, but so far the film seems quite similar to the original. Since the story features the protagonist suffering increasingly severe bullying, I got too agitated to watch this while ill.

The Assassin Next Door - What is it with my choices today? This is about women who eventually fight back against the men who treat them horribly, but that means wading through a lot of horrible. Bailed on this one for another time.

Skyline - Eric Balfour is a decent actor and probably a fine person, but whenever I'm watching him on screen, I'm thinking, "What's the hell's up with your beard? It's just stuck under your chin like moss growing in the shade." So I'm thinking of him as "Chinbeard" the whole time, which doesn't help, especially when the film is a collection of elements from other alien invasion movies. And it bugged me that every time the main characters went around a corner, there was a monster right there. And the ending... It's a WTF conclusion that left me feeling ripped off. Can't recommend.

The Quiet Earth - A SF classic from NZ and the early decades of film (1985). A man wakes up to an empty city, and goes the entire first act before seeing another living person. A bit slow in parts, with an ambiguous ending (for those who like that sort of thing) but an interesting "What If You Were The Last Person Alive?" exploration.

Ever Since The World Ended - Started watching this too late at night, but couldn't stop watching. Documentary-style storytelling made twelve years after a plague wipes out all but a tiny percentage of humanity. Two guys from San Francisco decide to interview some of the 184 other people who live in the area, then head north to talk with other survivors. A pre-Mythbusters Adam Savage plays Adam the Engineer. Kinda the opposite of big-budget, flash-bangy "Skyline", but if any of that sounds interesting, check it out.

Super - Normal guy puts on superhero outfit and goes out to fight crime. Doesn't go well, really. Worth watching if you're super-turned-on by Ellen Page in a sidekick outfit (or just look for the sex scene on YouTube).

Defendor - Normal guy puts on superhero outfit and goes out to fight crime. Doesn't go well, really. Actually, goes quite badly. It's probably beneficial to show people that costumed vigilantism is ill advised, but I had to go think about kittens after this one. If you want a "Normal People want to be Superheroes" movie, I'd recommend "Mystery Men" instead.

Bitch Slap - Okay, when I'm sick, I prefer fast-paced mindless action movies, where I don't have to think too hard or read subtitles. I arrived at this one after trying several other films which were too grim or involved reading, so I stuck with it because I was going to watch something all the way through, dammit. It's more of a grindhouse thriller, with lots of violence, gore, plot twists and cleavage. LOTS of cleavage. Ultimately, it doesn't make a lot of sense, but if you want lots of violence, gore and cleavage, it does provide. Otherwise, meh.

Red - Actually, I watched this in the week before I got sick, but it's just about perfect for what I need when ill. Well, there is a bit of thinking involved to keep track of who is who and why they're doing what they're doing. Still, this one's not only funny, action-packed and exciting, but it has a scene where Helen Mirren wears a gown and army boots while blazing away with a tripod-mounted machine gun. How could I not love that?

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