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Okay, I'm told by people more Spiritual than I am that the Universe is a Loving Force that will grant an abundance of awesomeness (and all you have to do is ask!) but when it supplies unpleasant experiences instead, it's due to insufficient Spiritual Growth on my part. Right now, I'm feeling like it's more neutral, like a cat who bats at you until you fall off the shelf, looks in fascination for a moment at you lying on the floor, then totally loses interest. (It's a Cosmology-in-process, but I'm liking it.)

Anyway, last night I started feeling the onset of cold/flu-like symptoms, and I'm all, "What the hell, Universe? I was sick just a few weeks ago!" Of course, whenever I feel sick after going camping I worry about Lyme Disease.* But even coming down with another cold right before a holiday weekend where I'll have to be on-call/working (not to mention trying to get new comics and Newsletters created) seems more punitive than educational.

I'd made plans for the weekend, but right now I don't know. We'll have to see whether I continue to get attention, or if the Universe wanders off to lick itself and I feel better.

* I was in a low-risk area, and the crescent-shaped red mark on my leg was more likely mosquito-related, and symptoms/progression don't match really well, but I'm enough of a hypochondriac to worry, since unlike colds and flu, Lyme Disease does not get better on its own. If you have it and it goes untreated, things get bad.

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