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The Universe Receives 10 Demerits...

I arrived at Dude D's 50th Birthday Party a bit late and flustered. I'd entered the event into my calendar before we knew what time it would start, so I just left it at 8:00pm, and neglected to update it when I got the evite that specified 5:30. You see the problem. I realized the discrepancy at 5:40, so I only missed the party games and the clown.

Which reminds me: I totally need a way to reach back in Time and give instructions to Past Evan, because he keeps mucking me up. For example: Last night's party food was pizza, which is tasty, but is not good for Evans. But since I'd dashed out of the house, I was quite hungry, and thought, "Oh, I take the toppings off the crust, and that will work!" So I had half a glass of wine, cold cuts, pizza cheese/toppings and salad. I knew there would be ramifications, but Future Evan would deal with it.

Once I became Future Evan, tossing about uncomfortably in bed, I was thinking "What the hell was I thinking?" I've done this before, and it always comes out the same. So I can't just rely on remembering that I shouldn't eat stuff I'm sensitive to, I need a way to let myself communicate into the past to let myself know that whatever transgression I'm contemplating will NOT be worth it. Or, just have more self-discipline. One or the other.

So, today I'm tired and unmotivated. I'm the application-person-on-call this weekend, and discovered about 9:30 that there were problems to be dealt with. Which, five hours later, are still not resolved. I haven't been working on it the whole time, as I'm not the person who can actually fix the problem. Every so often I have to check the status of the system, and now and then make contact with one or more of the other players and let them know what I've found. Between that and my mental state, my writing is progressing veeeerrrry slowly. I am getting a little bit done, but it's not the prime writing day I'd hoped for.

I hope your weekend is going better...

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