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Friday: Socializing!

I don’t know if ALL of Filmusik's performances are awesome, but I can say that I've enjoyed every one that I've attended. So, think about that.

Sequence of Events: Picked up bookherd as she left work, and swung by snottygrrl's flat to collect her and CanadiaM (that's M, who is Canadian, see?). Found a Premium parking spot right by the theater, had dinner at the Columbia River Brewpub, walked back to the Theater, talked about stuff until the show started, enjoyed the film/performance, stayed for the Q&A with the animator, went for gelato, then dropped off snottygrrl, CanadiaM and bookherd at respective places, then came home and slept. Could hardly have gone better!

Okay, I didn't have a great time merely due to highly-successful logistics (although that does help a lot). The show was, if I may say, a hoot! Somehow when one takes a low-budget SF movie from the late 70's and has live actors do the dialog, it's even funnier than it was before. (Bonus: One of the voices was Sam Mowry.) And the movie is well described by saying, "Um... Wow." Because it had the survivors of a space-ship shuttle craft crash on an Earthlike world trying to escape from being eaten by huge, rubbery dinosaurs (Spoiler: Some characters were not successful with the escaping). I suggested in our post-show-review-with-gelato that the giant T-Rex represented Barbarism, which had to be defeated in the same way that Humanity had to conquer barbaric influences to achieve Civilization. Or maybe the screenwriter thought it would be cool to have the characters fight a giant T-Rex. Which ever.

When we took our seats for the show, I was on the end, next to CanadiaM. This left snottygrrl and bookherd to talk about me, and I did my best to keep CanadiaM from being bored. She turned out to be quite personable, and didn't mock my Arizona accent (she seemed to understand what I was saying most of the time (or was at least pretending quite well)). She listened patiently while I told her that while she was in Tucson, she should watch out for Gila Monsters. So not only did I enjoy getting to chat with her that evening, but I got to spend time with snottygrrl and bookherd, which makes me happy.

Okay, now I've spent way too much time writing this, so now I need to finish my comic for the Chainsaw Comics 10-year Anthology.


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