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Clearing the Path

It annoys me when other writers announce, "I'm a writer! I just HAVE to write!" Mostly because it comes across as pretentious, but perhaps partly because I am a writer and I know I don't have to write. It's all totally by choice. But what I forget, now and then, is that if I don't write, I start feeling cranky and unsettled. And I've been feeling that way all week. I'd been wondering why my life sucked so much, but on Friday I had a mini-epiphany when I realized that I hadn't written anything for weeks, so of course everything seemed horrible! That cheered me up quite a bit. It didn't solve anything, but at least I knew why I felt so disappointed by the Universe.

Anyway: Aching teeth, back problems, tweaky thumb tendon, lingering cough*, persistent grogginess, low energy, a diet of pureéd foods, untidy living space, demands of a full-time job and a huge list of tasks and creative projects that I never seem to make sufficient progress on.** At least my allergies seem to be reduced.

Okay, I've gotten this week's griping out of the way, perhaps now I can buckle down and get something written.

* I first wrote this as "lingering couch" which is much funnier than most things I write intentionally.

** Listed for reference only. Thank you for not offering solutions to any of these complaints at this time.

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